Sunday, October 2, 2011

So finally the overcast Portland that I signed up for is here! I LOVE when it is like this, Id better get used to it because it will be like this for months now. This Halloween will be 1 year that I've been living here. It is so much nicer than Chicago. And none of that tuba driven music at all hours full blast.  That was enough to make one kill oneself.  I cant believe how much more pleasant people are here. Chicago everyone is ANGRY, everything is a race, anything goes with no consequences.  Here there is a civility that I feared no longer existed.  Though I'm learning that my wool and fake fur coats don't really work in the rain. It is a fair price to pay.
I'm up to 399 etsy sales. I never believed that would happen. I will do something special for the 400th sale.

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