Thursday, May 31, 2012

So , I guess the etsy protest didnt do anything because etsy is going to be allowing all sorts of sellers, according to Chad Dickerson's interview.  Geesh.

I have a few things for sale on Luullu  . Also I have a little Wepay shop

And I just put a few things on this site.Zibbit!

Well see if anyone sees my stuff.

I'm also applying for the Crafty Underdog's show on June 10th. The one that also benefits the Oregon Humane Society.  I was in the first show they had. Also on the header of the website is a little toddler looking at my postcards. Theyre my biggest fan.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today my etsy shop is closed . It is in protest to etsy now allowing resellers, they simply label them "collectives".  This all stems from the featured seller "Ecologica" who gets her furniture from Bali but then lied and said she handmakes them. So much for handmade.   A bunch of other shops are closed as well, you can see who on

Also I am opening a store at